Helping Lost Customers

Cellerynt now offers ad retargeting through SharpSpring Retargeting Ads. Previous visitors to your website can now be targeted for ads on third-party websites. Display ads are served up specifically to these visitors on sites like and, as well as various news and aggregator sites such as This gives additional exposure to people that have expressed interest in your company, even if you don’t have their contact details.

Perfect Audience’s reporting lets you see the top domains on which your ads are served and how those ads performed there. With this information you can create “blacklists” and “whitelists” to customize and level up your campaigns to achieve truly outstanding ROI. If you prefer, specific domains can be excluded as well. SharpSpring Retargeting Ads is available as a stand-alone platform or integrated with the SharpSpring Marketing Automation and CRM platform. Contact us for details.

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